By J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt

Ministry Mantras

Language for Cultivating Kingdom Culture

We become what we say.

How do you grow your church in its health and mission? Sometimes our communities lack focus or vision. We lose sight of our ministry priorities, or our people don’t have concrete reminders of why we do what we do. We need concise, memorable tools for cultivating culture, communicating ministry vision, and developing leaders.

The language we use shapes our communities. Pastors J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt share seventy-five short and memorable mantras they use to cast vision, inspire ministry, and create a healthy church culture. These brief chapters provide a wealth of practical wisdom for leadership, discipleship, community, and witness, embodying best practices with vivid stories of on-the-ground ministry.

These bite-sized ministry insights are ideal for church leaders to discuss with their teams and implement in their communities. They provide accessible handles for growing the health of your local church, for the sake of the kingdom.


Bob Hyatt

Bob has felt drawn to ministry since the 5th grade- he’s always known this is what he wanted to do- helping people find relationship with God. This worked itself out most clearly in planting the Evergreen Community in 2004. This has now expanded to also include coaching and providing Spiritual Direction for church planters and other pastors.

He is a graduate of Western Seminary and received a D.Min in Leadership and Spiritual Formation at Portland Seminary.

Bob lives in Boise ID. with his wife Amy, children Jack, Jane and Josie, and their Golden Retriever, Bentley.

Other Books

Eldership and the Mission of God:

Equipping Teams for Faithful Church Leadership

Every church needs leadership. But leadership should not reside in a single pastor. The biblical model for church leadership is found in teams of elders who together guide the community into God’s mission. Church leaders J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt provide a comprehensive picture of elders as agents of mission for their communities. Healthy eldership structures a church for mission, as elder teams model the kind of community the local church is intended to be and steward the gospel in a local context. Looking at eldership through a missiological lens, Briggs and Hyatt unpack the role, character and posture of a mission-oriented elder. Elders oversee, shepherd, teach, equip and model for God’s people what life with Jesus looks like in a particular context. Including a study guide that elder teams can work through together, the authors provide practical guidance for how elders are selected, work together, make decisions, protect the congregation and invest in the lives of others. Discover here a clear vision for what it means to be a faithful elder. May it help you and your church thrive in pursuing God’s mission in the world.

A Month with Richard Baxter:

Walking with a Puritan Pastor of Pastors Through the Spiritual Formation of Ministry

Ministry is challenging regardless of the context. It has always been so. And as such, ministry becomes one of the primary crucibles of formation for the minister. Both the disciplines and the sacrifices required become some of the primary ways God forms our souls as ministry leaders and leads us ever more towards Christ-likeness.
The question then is “How does God do this?” Or more practically, how can one remain vibrant and spiritually alive in the midst of the rigors of ministering to others not only in spite of and perhaps even through those rigors? For an answer to this question we seek wisdom from one who lived the life of ministry well, and offered great wisdom to other ministers of his time, Richard Baxter (1615-1691).
This book is a one month journey through the wisdom of Baxter. Each day centers on a quote from Baxter, some thought-provoking words from the author, reflection questions, a meditation and a prayer. 
Ideal for pastors, ministry leaders or anyone concerned with helping others to know Jesus.

Selected Articles

Preacher, Heal Thyself!

Insomnia, pornography, and learning to live the gospel I preach.

Articulated Pain

Did “the” church hurt you, or “a” church? There’s a world of difference.

The Dangers of a Bait-and-Switch Easter Sunday

Avoiding the pitfalls of special services.

Be Careful What You Worship on July 4

Is national patriotism inconsistent with Christianity?

Like Starving Chefs

Coming to Scripture only to feed others is not a healthy recipe.

The Truth, Not the Whole Truth, but Nothing but the Truth

The tough art of communicating sensitive information.


Contemporary ministry has become industrialized. Today we have reduced the mystery of God’s working in the world to simple, mechanical formulas and we assume that making disciples is no different than manufacturing widgets: it’s all about having the right processes. This often gets expressed in quick-fix, turnkey solutions to any ministry challenge. Unfortunately, the bite-sized morsels of leadership advice that dominate ministry today rarely contain any genuine thoughtfulness, let alone biblical wisdom. That’s what makes Briggs and Hyatt so remarkable. They satisfy our cultural desire for the simple without succumbing to the simplistic.

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