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Ministry Mantras: Language for Cultivating Kingdom Culture

"There are countless books out there on the topic of vital ministry leadership. Many are big on theory but lacking in clear practical implications. This book, by contrast, is uniquely practical: everyday examples of leadership that are intentional, empowering, and strategic. Ministry practitioners will find this easy read invaluable in reshaping some of their habits, conversations, and practices toward a more kingdom-oriented culture." (Shannon Kiser, director of training, Fresh Expressions US)

"Contemporary ministry has become industrialized. Today we have reduced the mystery of God's working in the world to simple, mechanical formulas and we assume that making disciples is no different than manufacturing widgets: it's all about having the right processes. This often gets expressed in quick-fix, turnkey solutions to any ministry challenge. Unfortunately, the bite-sized morsels of leadership advice that dominate ministry today rarely contain any genuine thoughtfulness, let alone biblical wisdom. That's what makes Briggs and Hyatt so remarkable. They satisfy our cultural desire for the simple without succumbing to the simplistic. Their mantras are short and memorable but they have deep roots in Scripture, tradition, and the hard-won wisdom of saints. That makes Ministry Mantras a rare book with equal measures of depth and usefulness." (Skye Jethani, author of With, cohost, The Phil Vischer Podcast)

"Ministry Mantras is a collection of invaluable insights on leadership and community that have been worked out in the language and the laboratory of the local church. Briggs and Hyatt have curated dozens of memorable sayings that are profound and portable. They are seeds for life and leadership, simple sayings that contain incredible impact. This book will be a well-worn field guide for the wordsmiths, language leaders, and cultural creators in the kingdom." (Jared Mackey, pastor, The Sacred Grace, Denver)

Eldership and the Mission of God

"If your church's eldership basically operates like the board of directors of a small religious enterprise, get them to read this book. Quick. J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt not only outline the biblical functions of eldership but they do so through the missional prism that the original biblical writers used. For them, eldership is missional insofar as elders are called to not only equip the church for mission but to eliminate as many factors as possible that could derail the missional orientation of the church. Biblical, practical, warm and inspiring."--Michael Frost, Morling College, Sydney; author of The Road to Missional, Incarnate and Exiles

"J.R. and Bob give us something that few if any books on church eldership have offered before: an accessible mission-directed primer on faithful leadership in localized, contextualized Jesus communities. . . . My hope is that this book will compel us to forego the prevalent version of decaffeinated Christianity and instead cultivate a missionary ethos that ignites faith communities to participate in the unrestrained and uncorked adventure of life with Jesus."--From the foreword by Alan Hirsch, missiologist, speaker, founding director of Forge Network and author of The Forgotten Ways"

"The church has been in need of an updated understanding of eldership. With seasoned wisdom and theological rigor, Hyatt and Briggs team up to shift the role of elders from being a domesticated business board that focuses on maintenance, to a daring community of servant leaders who equip the whole church to join God's mission in the world. This is the best book I've read on eldership."--JR Woodward, national director, The V3 Movement; author of Creating a Missional Culture

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“Bob’s coaching has been pivotal to my development as a church planter and a disciple of Christ. Bob’s experience as a husband, pastor, and church planter come to bear on every conversation we have, and always bring a fresh take to my decision making process. Among the many benefits to working with Bob, perhaps foremost has been the way he constantly challenges me to apply values that do not change to a situation that should always be changing. The clear communication, and personal style in which Bob coaches always helps to capture the unique vision God has placed inside of me, and make it approachable and measurable for my community. I have always felt heard and understood in my conversations with Bob. While being an experienced church planter himself, Bob always helps to develop the unique vision I have without, remaking the vision to look like his. I am forever grateful for the contribution Bob has made in the life of my community and myself.”

-JF, Seattle WA

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