Helping you figure out what’s important, what’s stuck, and what’s next.

Coaching differs from mentoring in that the focus is generally entirely on your agenda. A coaching relationship offers focus, challenge, support and encouragement within the course of regular conversations. The purpose is to help you discover your answers for your context and move forward. Your part is to come to each session knowing what you need most to talk about and gain clarity on.

I offer what I call “content-rich” coaching. That is, within discussions focused on your agenda, I will occasionally step outside a pure coaching role into more of a spiritual director or consultant on issues of church planting, pastoring and surviving the rigors of ministry.

But in general, the role of the coach is to listen, and ask the questions that will help you identify the issues you most need to focus on, find clarity in and feel a sense of purposeful empowerment as you recognize that in the adventure of church planting, God is with you, and success is more about Him working something in your life through the rigors of church planting than it is about many of the metrics we often think of in relation to “success.”

Planting or pastoring a church can be hard and it can be lonely. Often we feel like we need someone to walk beside us, and help us work through the leadership, pastoral and even spiritual knots that tend to get us tied up.

Coaching provides just that. A coach will come alongside you, helping you to clarify what areas you’d like to work on or need help thinking through and helping you define the action steps needed to move forward.

Coaching provides a listening ear, an encouraging voice and a safe place to talk through the challenges, questions and even joys of planting a new community. We’ll work together towards finding answers to the tough questions about your own personal spiritual health, boundaries and balance.

My goal is to build a relationship that not only encourages you in the adventure of church planting, but very much co-operates in what God is doing in your life, your church community and our world in general.

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